I guess everyone struggled creating and remembering passwords at least once without using the same one for every account. I don't want to take that risk, but I don't want to remember every single password either. It's simply impossible.

One day I though, what if I make a formula for it? Simply remember the formula, and apply it whenever I need it. For me this works just brilliantly, let me explain.

I take the company's name with a capital, followed by a symbol character, and finally a number that is the result of a simple calculation. Let's take facebook as an example. My password would be Facebook-8, where the 8 represents the amount of letters of the company name.

Of course my formula is a little more complex, and I've set up some extra rules. For example, what to do if the number of characters isn't high enough? Or, what if the company doesn't allow symbol characters for passwords? But this way I'm able to find all of my unique passwords, without crushing my brain.