I get asked quite often how I keep my web design and development knowledge up-to-date. So I thought: let's write a thing or two about it.

I Like what I do

First of all – the most important thing – I like the shit I want to learn. Some classmates say they're not spending time on 'work' or research after 17pm. If things feels like you háve to do it, I think you should question yourself if you're doing the right thing at all. Really.

Making it a habbit

I scroll trough Twitter on the toilet, I read newsletters in bed and fill up college time reading Medium articles. I make it a freakin' habbit!

Collecting sources

It's important to carefully select the sources you want to use. I'm aware of the quality, the update frequency and I think about what I want to use it for.

I've spent some time collecting sources. Maybe you can use it, maybe you dont. But these are some channels, accounts and newsletters I find very valuable:


I use Twitter to get an overview of the latest articles, freebies and tutorials.

@awwwards, @creative_digest, @creativebloq, @designerdepot, @designnewz, @designtaxi, @goodwebdesign, @leaverou, @lukew, @marvelapp, @rachelnabors, @real_css_tricks, @rww, @sarasoueidan, @sitepointdotcom, @speckyboy, @surjithctly, @thenextweb, @vlh


I use Medium to get an in-dept view on people's toughts, opinions and solutions.

Airbnb Design, AJ&Smart Stories, Design + Sketch App, Desk of van Schneider, Dropbox, Facebook Design, Interactive Mind, Luke Jones, Marvel, Salesforce UX, Sketch, Sketch Tricks, The Creative Network, Usabilla, User Experience Design, Weekly Redesign Challenge


I use newsletters to keep track of the most interesting articles, latest technologies and most beautiful inspiration.

CSS Animation Weekly, Dribbble Weekly Replay, Hey Designer, Invision, Mashable, Medium Diggest, Prodcut Psychology, Sidebar, Smashing Newsletter, UX Booth, Web Animation Weekly, Web Design Weekly, WEDRL


I use Youtube and Vimeo to find informative talks and tutorials.

Google Developers, CSSConf Australia, DevTips, Envato Tuts+, Five Simple Steps, Front End TV, Fronteers, Funfunfunction, JSConf (incl. CSSConf), KIKK Festival, LevelUpTuts, Smashing Magazine, Talks at Google, TED, TheNewBoston, Uideo, UX Design - Inspiring Talks (YT playlist)


I use (e)books for detailed information about a specific subject.

A Book Apart (collection), Don't Make Me Think, Five Simple Steps (collection), Ordering Disorder, Pixel Perfect Precision, Rosenfeld (collection), Seductive Interaction Design, Smashing Magazine (collection)

Do I miss something?

You think I'm missing out on some great accounts, publications, newsletters, channels or ebooks? Please tell me!