On a saturday evening, I talked with my dad about charity. This made me realise a painful thing: the one moment I give money to charity, is when there's a national campaign going on. That's the only time I get in action.

Don't get me wrong, I really want to give money, I just don't want to be attached to a subscription. And yes I can give a one time fee, but most of the times there's this minimum amount you have to donate which makes me think, uuh nope.

What if 1% of everything I buy would go to charity?

At the same time I thought about all the small amounts of money I spend very easily. The ones I don't realise leaving my wallet. Let's grab another cup of coffee. Man I forgot lunch, I'll buy something. Wow, nice deck of cards! I need that!

I wrote about my personal findings of these purchases, I was shocked about the amount of money that slipped by so easily. But I wouldn't mind it slipping to charity's wallet. What if 1% of everything I buy would go to charity? I wouldn't mind, I'd even like it!

So I grabbed my banking app and started designing this feature where every transfer increases with 1% that goes to a charity organization of my choice. So let's say I buy this $2 cup of coffee. The sum would increase by $0.02. That's not a lot right?..

But this banking app has about 3 million users. Let's say half of them will try this feature when buying a cup of coffee, it would raise $30.000 instantly. Let's say half of those users keep using it the rest of the year, more than $4 million would be raised! With only coffee!

I am willing to give money, I want this feature. Please banks, make it!