In the first two years of my education Communication & Multimedia Design, there was a lot of new theory comming my way. Of course spread over a big number of different styled keynotes. My OCD took over, so I decided to extract all info and order it my way.

I decided to make wallpapers for my desktop that changed every day. For me this was a very simple way to keep the theory fresh. Some other students liked it, so I decided to put it up here for anyone to use. Let me know what you think, especially when there's something to improve. (2 MB) design-theory-wallpapers.sketch (1.3 MB)

To make the wallpapers rotate, go to system preferences > dekstop & screen saver, there you add the all-wallpapers/ folder you extracted from the zip above. After you hit change picture:, you can select an interval time that suits you best.